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It does not matter which language you need, we can translate it for you.

Alphatrad has been in the translation business for over 25 years. We use this experience to assure text quality and time-bounded assignments. 

Alphatrad has been active in the translation business for over 25 years. We’ve taken this opportunity to upgrade our site. A modern way of translation in modern trimmings.

Due to an unshakable determination to provide its clients with a service that is worthy of the name, Alphatrad has been able, in just a few short years, to get itself both known and appreciated.

The dynamism of our people and our rigour with regard to the work and the service, are the foundations of this success. 

Our trump cards:

   • every language, every speciality
   • quality
   • professionalism
   • meeting deadlines
   • flexibility (adapting ourselves to our clients’ needs)
   • excellent value for money
   • no surcharge for urgent or specialist translations *
   • availability
   • for certain specific missions, we work with France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy and Senegal

At Alphatrad, translators and interpreters are also experts in your field and produce exclusively in their mother tongue. They are at your disposal everywhere in Belgium and throughout the whole world. 

We remain entirely at your disposal for any further information, and are happy to assure you of our best attention and service at all times. 

Carine Segers
Managing Director

* Except for translations required so quickly as to involve planning upheavals in order to accord them priority. We will then invoice a surcharge of 20%.

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